Top 10 Tips and Tricks for AOL Mail

AOL Mail may be straightforward to use, but there are a lot of little things that you can do to make your experience even better. In this blog post, we will go over 10 tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of AOL Mail. This includes how to organize messages in various ways and folders, customizing the interface for your preferences, setting up alerts for new emails from specific people or companies, using keyboard shortcuts for speedier navigation through the app, and more!

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for AOL Mail

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for AOL Mail

  1. Customizing the interface for your preferences:AOL offers a few different layouts that you can use, including one with larger text and more space between messages. You can also set up keyboard shortcuts so it’s easy to navigate through your inbox using just keys on the alphabet portion of your keyboard.
  2. Setting up alerts for new emails from specific people or companies:Have you ever wanted to know as soon as a certain person sends an email? You can set this type of alert in AOL Mail so your inbox will automatically notify you when someone who is important to you has sent an email.
  3. Organizing messages into various ways and folders:You can organize all your messages in a variety of ways to make it easier to find the one you’re looking for. You can set up filters so that emails with certain words or phrases will automatically be grouped together, then drag and drop them into different categories within those filters. These include “Personal,” “Internet & Social Media,” “News & Updates” and more. You can also create filters for specific people you want to see all their messages at one time, especially if they email frequently.
  4. Creating AOL Mail accounts on other devices:You might have an AOL account already set up on your tablet or phone but now you are getting a new device! It’s super easy to set up another AOL Mail account on your new device.
  5. Setting up notifications for things like spam or abuse:If there are some people that send emails regularly that you don’t want to hear from, you can set up filters for spam and abuse. These will send those emails directly into the appropriate folder without them even showing in your inbox.
  6. Using keyboard shortcuts:You don’t have to rely on using a mouse or touch screen if it’s hard for you! AOL Mail has lots of useful keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate your inbox more easily.
  7. Using labels and folders:Labels are an easy way for identifying things like spam, work emails or anything else as they come in so that it’s easier to find them later on without having to go through all of the messages. You only need one label per message type which makes it really easy to manage.
  8. Customizing the font size:AOL Mail has a few different styles of fonts so you can adjust your settings depending on what is easiest for you and how big or small you want text in the app to be. You can also use larger text, which will make reading messages easier if that’s been a problem in the past.
  9. Setting up filters for social media accounts:AOL Mail also has an option to set up notifications when you get new Tweets, Instagrams, or Facebook updates. You can do this by clicking on “social networking” and going through your various social media apps until you find the one that’s giving you problems.
  10. Setting up filters for newsletters:If you get a lot of emails from one company or group that are all related to the same things, then you can set up AOL Mail filters so they will be grouped together in your inbox instead of being split among other messages.


AOL Mail offers a variety of features that can make your email experience more efficient. These include the ability to search, filter, and create folders on both the web interface and mobile app.

How to Use Google Keep? | Increase Productivity

Google Keep is an application software developed by Google to provide note-taking services. It was launched on March 20, 2013. Google Keep can be used on the web, and it also has mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Google Keep and Alice Mail provide a variety of tools for taking notes, including lists, images, texts, and audio.

Google Keep | Features

Apart from voice notes, image notes, and text, Google Keep provides you several more features to help you stay organized that you may not be aware of. Here are a few examples;

  • Google Keep is fast and efficient: Adding quick-notes in Google Keep is very simple. Just tap the text box at the top of the Keep window and start typing. It’s best for the times when you have to note down someone’s phone number or address urgently.
  • Google Keep makes organizing voice notes much easier: Adding voice notes in Google Keep is very simple, just tap the microphone and start speaking. The app converts your speech to text and also attaches the original voice recording to the note so that you can play it back and hear yourself.
  • Google Keep is synced to your Google Drive: Google Keep is integrated with Google Drive, so everything you store will be available in your Drive within seconds.
  • Google Keep’s Reminders: Google Keep provides you to create time and location-based reminders for all your Google Keep notes.
  • Using Google Keep you can also extract text from images.
  • Google Keep’s Interactive Notes: To make your notes more interactive you can use different color codes available on Keep.

There are innumerable benefits of using Google Keep. Some of them are listed above and you will come across the rest of them when you will use the application or software by yourself.
In this article, we will learn how to get started with Google Keep. Follow the article to know and understand how to use Google Keep.

How to use Google Keep?

Google Keep can be used on the computer, Android Devices, and IOS Devices.

Google Keep on the computer:

Make sure to use a decent web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • 1. Open a web browser on your device.
  • 2. Go to the URL bar of the browser and paste this link: “” and hit enter.
  • 3. If you already have a synced google account to your computer, just click on “Take a Note” at the top of the webpage. If you don’t have a synced google account to your computer, first Sign in to your account and then follow the same process.
  • 4. Enter your note and click Done.

Google Keep on the Android:

  • 1. Open your phone or tablet.
  • 2. Open Google Play Store App.
  • 3. Find the Google Keep App from the search bar.
  • 4. Tap Install.
  • 5. Go to the app.
  • 6. Now, you can create, edit, organize, share, and archive notes.

Google Keep on the iPhone or iPad:

  • 1. Open your iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch.
  • 2. Open App Store.
  • 3. Find the Google Keep App from the search bar.
  • 4. Tap Install.
  • 5. Go to the app.
  • 6. Now, you can create, edit, organize, share, and archive notes.