Audio Visual Experts Sydney

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All the latest Audio-Visual products for your home, work or business. We don’t only sell the products we stock, we actually install and recommend the right products for the job, so we are there from the point of sale right through to the professional installation of you chosen products. We go that little extra to make sure that your AV components are working to their full potential and that you are happy with the final out-come.

Tips: Best to contact and consult with a Audiovisual specialist as soon as possible before commencement of any construction work associated with your audiovisual installation. This can save you a lot of headaches down the track. Also, we have noticed that a lot of electrical contractors are moving into the audio visual field.


Audio Visual Experts Sydney

If your electrician offers His or Her services, please be very cautious; just because there are wires & cable involved doesn’t mean that an electrical contractor has the training or experience with the latest digital technologies and the type of connections that may be required for optimum performance.

We also supply and install motorised block-out blinds for privacy and to reduce sunlight entering the boardroom during projector presentations. Again all controlled via iPAD or iPHONE. You may require the latest “smartboard” for interactive presentations for team training, sales meetings or presentations, again, no problem. We have a large selection of “smartboards”, that can be fixed to a wall or on a movable stand, whichever you may require.

Great to see you here and thanks for coming. We hope you find what you are looking for.
What We Do
Sell the latest AV Products & Accessories.
Install your product in the Home, Office, School, Pub, Club or wherever you require.
Hire AV gear, such as PA Sound Systems, Projectors, TVs, Projector Screens, Staging, Lecterns; plus more.
Design & Specify the right solutions for your job at hand.

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