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Article about Asset back financing

Our clients currently entrust more than $143 million with us in an investment philosophy designed to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns. Our site was built on the cornerstones of intelligence, experience and conviction that we believe clients expect from their investment managers. Why do we invest in Gold?

Why do we invest in Gold?

Asset back financing provides non-risk investment plans to global investors, which is a milestone for its long-term exploration on risk control. Our plans offer from 1% to 1.5% daily interest with a minimum investment amount of $5 USD. Interests will be credited on to your account every business day, which is Monday to Friday including public holidays. Investors can have up to a maximum of 5 deposits at any time in any plans. All plans have compounding option available between 0% – 100%, which allows you to reinvest a portion of your earnings thus increasing your principal amount.

Our script allows you to re-invest directly from your account balance and thus saving you on payment processor fees. All plans return your principal amount in full at the end of the plan term. Withdrawal is available daily, we have no minimum withdrawals at the moment and also no fees on withdrawal. All withdrawal requests are processed in a timely manner within 24 hours or less.

Final Fantasy Review – Gaming

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was my second Final Fantasy game so I can only compare it to XIII. Final Fantasy XIII was one of those games that got many mixed reviews depending on who you asked. Some said it was a lot of fun and enjoyed XIII. Others would say it was a disgrace to the series and was the beginning of the end for them. Complaints about the removal of towns, linearity, lack of choice, and the simplified yet fun battle system were the most common complaints about the game. Square Enix listen to these complaints very carefully and changed the design of XIII-2 rather dramatically. Nearly everything long fans of the series complained about has been changed for the better.

STORY (Spoiler Free)

The story picks up after the events of XIII and constantly makes references to it so it’s highly recommended to play through Final Fantasy XIII entirely. Serah (Lightning’s Sister/Snow’s girlfriend) is the central character this time around and is joined by Noel one of the last remaining humans from the future that has the power to travel through time. Lightning has been given a new role as guardian to the goddess of time and needs Serah’s help to stop a terrible tragedy. The timeline has been distorted and altered by a series of paradoxes that leads to the end of the world. Noel and Serah must work together to fix these paradoxes and change events of the past and future to prevent total destruction.

I personally found the story to be a bit complex and daunting due to all the time traveling and altering of time. In a similar fashion to the first game, the story becomes more clear the closer to the end you get as they start to explain what events that happened previously meant. Overall the story was pretty interesting and entertaining but definitely not the highlight of the game.



Non-linear: The hallway linearity effect was perhaps the most complained about aspect of the first game. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is composed of dozens of little worlds that you can visit at your leisure and in mostly any order you choose. Each zone is composed of many intersection and branching paths instead of just a straight line like in the first game. many of the worlds are optional and won’t be accessed until after you beat the main story line providing hours of additional end game content.

Towns/Talking NPCs: The first game except for a couple brief exceptions had no towns or friendly npcs to talk to. XIII-2 has dozens of zones with friendly NPCs that you can interact with and learn about their lives, history, lore, etc. NPCs will even interact with your actions such as if your companion casts a large spell they will comment and crowd to watch which gives the towns a lively atmosphere. NPCs now also give most all of the side missions. All of the NPCs are also fully voiced which is rare for a J-RPG.

  • Dialogue Choices: Yes… in some parts you can actually choose what you want to say or ask!! hooray for choice!
  • Monster Party Members (Pokemans): How do you keep a three party combat system with only two main characters? ADD POKEMON!!! Well not exactly pokemon, but there is now a system of catching monsters and using them as your third party member. Catching monsters simply happens after defeating them in battle as your character has a random chance to capture a monster upon defeat. Each monster assumes a specific role (Sentinel, medic, etc.) and when you switch paradigms, your third party member switches to that monster. The monsters all share health percentages, buffs, debuffs, and ATB gauges. You can only have 3 monsters (3 roles) in your paradigms at a time, and can only fight with one monster per paradigm.
  • Monster Leveling: Each monster has a unique amount of levels it can gain and amount of stats it can earn. Monsters level using items that drop off monsters or that you buy from a store. The are five levels of these items and four variations of each. One of the four items will raise all stats near equally, and the other three will each one of the stats more than the others (Strength, magic, health). In addition to this form of leveling, you can also have a monster consume some abilities of another. One monster has +10% strength & +5% physical resistance passive bonuses. You can have your current monster “eat” him to gain his passive bonuses, but the other monster is destroyed in the process. This provides a rather simple yet deep system of building the perfect companions.
  • Random Spawns: Monsters are no longer statically walking on the map waiting for you to attack them. As you’re moving around monsters will randomly spawn on top of you and a count down timer will start. If you attack the monster before it attacks, you will get the initiation bonus on the monster. Initiation bonus is now 25% stagger meter and whole party is buffed with haste, instead of 90% stagger like in XIII.
  • Quick Time Events: In some major battles, your characters will stop traditional battle and engage in Quick Time Events usually to see here.

Looking for Auckland Building Inspections?

PICTURE THIS.  A few weeks after moving in to your dream home there is a storm.  You look through to your kitchen and notice the ceiling is sagging.  A few minutes later the ceiling collapses and water is pouring in everywhere!  Cracked tiles.  Major problem, major cost.  You ask yourself, why didn’t I get a Building Inspection?!

DON’T RISK IT.  We are the experts in this field.  Your home might look absolutely beautiful from the outside but peel back the layers and it might expose serious faults which could potentially cost you a fortune.

Our company interacts with property professional such as real estate agents and property lawyers but we remain totally independent so we can give you the client an unbiased and comprehensive building inspection.

IMAGINE.  You’ve just moved in to your dream home and you notice moisture above your skirting board.  The alarm bells ring.  RISING DAMP.  Why didn’t I get a building inspection???  Big problem, big cost and potential health risk to your family.

Did you know ‘Rising Damp’ and ‘Mould’ that is undetected and left untreated could cause toxic and harmful reactions to your family and pets; i.e. allergies and infections?

How safe is your home?  A small investment in a Building Inspection will be your new best friend, as it could save you thousands of dollars in future repairs and maintenance and offers peace of mind to your loved ones.

Auckland Building Inspections meticulously examines all areas of your property, both inside and outside, and from top to bottom, to confirm structural wellbeing.

Your building inspection report identifies problems that could be harmful to your family such as;

•    Major and minor defects of workmanship,

•    Inferior installation of major fixed appliances (i.e.) heaters, air conditioning, stoves

•    Structural risks and hazards

•    Rising damp status

•    Property maintenance and risk reduction options,

•    Electrical and plumbing