Cheap Divorce OKLAHOMA

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Cheap Divorce OKLAHOMA

one very simple way to deal with your anger while going through a nasty divorce.

Divorce is a messy business. There is approximately a fifty percent chance you are divorced if you are over forty and reading this article.

Having survived the first year of a separation / divorce, I can look back and see certain “moments” when I realized there was a fundamental change in the way I thought about a particular subject.


Cheap Divorce OKLAHOMA

About five or six months into my rather messy divorce, I was having a particularly brutal conversation with my stubborn ex-wife. When I got off the phone I was feeling very upset and angry. Many unanswered questions swirled around in my head. How could she leave with the children? Why am I being treated like a deadbeat dad? How could this be so unfair?

Feelings of deep-rooted frustration constricted my chest. I recall looking at myself in the mirror and coming to the realization I had to get rid of the anger that was eating me up inside. The anger was killing me. If it didn’t kill me right away, anger would have put me in an early grave.



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