Lending money later in life, what are the things you really need to look out for in The Netherlands?

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Until recently, it was virtually impossible to take out a loan at a later age. Banks considered it too risky to grant loans in view of their maturity and age. Nowadays, the tide seems to have turned. Banks and credit companies realise that this target group contains a limited risk and is aware of the monthly costs associated with a loan. For example, BNP Paribas has recently made credit available specifically for senior citizens. Want to know more about these geld lenen zonder bkr? Bekijk dan deze website.

The Loans For Older People Are Generally Very Low

In addition, the need to take out a loan at a later age is still very high. One of the causes of this development lies with the government. Because they are currently stimulating a longer period of living at home, adjustments are needed to realise this process. Just think of a renovation of the house or the additional transport. After taking out a loan, financing a car becomes much easier for the elderly.

Borrowing money during retirement

What type of loan can you apply for?
In old age, it is most obvious to take out a personal loan. In the case of a personal loan, the credit granted is fixed in advance. It is also not possible to increase the amount borrowed in the meantime. A personal loan can be used to finance a renovation or a specific car. In addition, it is also possible to take out revolving credit. With this loan, the interest rate differs throughout the entire period. You can also increase the amount borrowed in the meantime.

Combining a loan with pension income

When granting credit, the bank first looks at the AOW benefit, the employer’s pension or the annuity that is paid out. For the rest, the relevant housing situation, BKR registration and the amount of the senior loan are taken into account.

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